The Other Family Frank

The other Frank family is a documentary about the Jewish Frank family from the Betuwe, who all died during the Second World War. A portrait about a Jewish family in a small community, with unique images.
The documentary brings the war and the persecution of the Jews back to the scale of a small village in the Betuwe, where only one Jewish family lives: the Frank family. A Jewish family made beautiful, moving and oppressive images of family life and their village Ochten with an 8mm camera. Director Erik Willems returns to the Betuwe with these images.

The other Frank family was produced by Interakt in collaboration with the NPS.
Directed by: Erik Willems
Camera: Peter Brugman
Sound: Menno Euwe
Assembly: Jan Overweg
Final editing: Karin van den Born
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt