Spiegel premieres at the NFF!

The new documentary 'Spiegel' by Eva Sjerps will premiere on 23 September during the Teledoc Campus screenings at the NFF.


In this intimate documentary you can see how horses from a small herd are used for coaching sessions with young people with various problems. The horses respond to incoherence between behavior and underlying feeling, causing the young people to confront underlying patterns, themes and feelings. How do the horses react to the youngsters? And what does the reaction of the horses bring about in the young people? The sessions are closely observed and visualized in a sensory way.


During the first block of the Teledoc Campus films, from 13:00 to 15:10, 'Spiegel' will be screened. Tickets will soon be available on the NFF website.

From the Archives: The Wilted Smell

In “De verwelte ruiker” from 1995, those involved look back after 20 years on the establishment of independence, in which Surinamese politician Henck Arron, Jagernath Lachmon, Jules Sedney and the Dutch ex-minister Jan Pronk talk about the realization of their ideals, with Arron states that the responsibility for any disappointments lies with themselves and not with others.

June 20 in the Milky Way: Flight Dance Live

Imagine: from a life in the spotlight to being forced to flee by war. The documentary Flight Dance Live shows the inspiring stories of young ballet dancers who, fleeing the war in Ukraine, continue their passion for dance in The Hague. They have founded a new ballet company at the Royal Conservatoire: 'The United Ukrainian Ballet'.


This documentary, directed by Ditteke Mensink, can be seen on June 20 during World Refugee Day in the Milky Way. From that date you can also watch the film online at Cinetree.

The War Suitcase, on display during the Holland Festival

In The War Suitcase students of the Gerrit van de Veen College dive into the history of the German occupation, when the street was marked by the SD intelligence headquarters and the deportation of thousands of Jews. They discover their own family past and are touched by the stories of Salo Muller. This impressive story can be seen for free from June 18 on HF Digital during the The Disintegration Loops program of it Holland Festival.

New Look Back

6-part series about important historical persons whom Orville Breeveld wants to save from oblivion.

Flight Dance Live

A film by Ditteke Mensink about young dancers from The United Ukrainian Ballet and their new lives as refugees.

BROADCAST Flight Dance Live – 21 February 22:40 on NPO 2

The new documentary Flight Dance Live by director Ditteke Mensink is on Tuesday, February 21 at 22:40 PM to be seen on NPO 2.

The former conservatory in The Hague is a shelter for them where they collect their lives and find refuge in their profession: dance. The formation of a new ballet company, The United Ukrainian Ballet, is an important foothold in winning back their lives. They find comfort in each other and close friendships develop. In addition, there is the great love for ballet, for the dancers the best way to express themselves.

On Monday, February 20, director Ditteke Mensink was a guest on the Time for Max program to talk about the film. Curious? Watch this excerpt here:
Time for Max – excerpt


Caught in a Drawing

At what cost is political cartoonist Ruben L. Oppenheimer willing to sacrifice his personal freedom for the sake of his artistic freedom?

Natasha Kensmil | You want it darker

Natasja Kensmil portrayed by Lisa Boersma in collaboration with AVROTROS

Nine Suitcases

Nine Suitcases is a film about the life history of the Polish-Dutch variety artist Jossy Halland and the story behind the last Yiddish theater in Western Europe, the Lilalo theatre.