Caught in a Drawing

Political cartoonist Ruben L. Oppenheimer does not shy away from confrontation. With his engaged drawings he stimulates the public debate. In addition to discussion, it also generates numerous threats, especially via social media. This leads to him being under police protection for some time. When he posted a drawing of Turkish President Erdogan on Twitter in 2017, the first death threats poured in. Freedom of expression is very dear to Oppenheimer and he is obsessed with his work, but where is the line? At what price is he willing to sacrifice his personal freedom for the sake of his artistic freedom?


Missed broadcast? You can watch the movie via this link Caught in a Drawing looking back



Caroline Goeijers

Mira Mendel & Rene Mendel

Jefrim Rothuizen
Caroline Goeijers

Sander the Brother

Additional sound
Benny Jansen
Dan Arens
Ton von der Mohlen
Fokke van Saane

Stephen Kamp

Assembly assistant
Sandra Ligtenberg

Nikolai Clavier

Sound design and mixing
James Oliver

Joel Sahuleka

Title design
Gijs Kuiper

Post production
Bart van den Broek
Jessica Akkermans
Naomi Polhaupessy

Production assistant
Vera Emons
Dobber Bolhuis

Executive producer
Nikki Thie

Final editing NTR
Diana Trump


Special thanks to:

Reuben Oppenheimer

Regina Oppenheimer


Dilan Yesilgoz-Zegerius

Jessica Valentine-English



Thanks to:

Roermond Court, Renate Peters, Laurens Landeweerd, Laurens Herzdahl, Daan Grol, Jeroen Goeijers, Vasco Groeneveld, Pascale Luycks, Lois and Tara Goeijers,


This production was made possible with financial support from the NPO Fund


© Interakt Productions / NTR 2023

Flight Dance Live

The former conservatory in The Hague is a shelter for them where they collect their lives and find refuge in their profession: dance. The formation of a new ballet company, The United Ukrainian Ballet, is an important foothold in winning back their lives. They find comfort in each other and close friendships develop. In addition, there is the great love for ballet, for the dancers the best way to express themselves.


Missed broadcast? You can via this link Watch Flight Dance Live



Ditteke Mensink

Mira Mendel and Rene Mendel

Executive producer
Nikki Thie

Gregor Merman

Stella van Voorst van Beest

Anneloes Pabbruwee

Additional camera
Jaap Veldhoen

Additional sound
Susan van Eck
Job Michael
Ivar Trentelman

Assembly assistant
Sandra Ligtenberg

Research and interpreter
Olena Vlasenko

Ksenia Panko
Natalia O. Kononienko
Diana Helme
Corina White
Theo van Dyke

Sound design and mixing
Hubert Bean

Paul M. van Bruges

Joel Sahuleka

Title design
Gijs Kuiper

Post production
Bart van den Broek
Majorie Browns

Directing intern
Leonard Verkade

Coordinating Producer NTR
Astrid Prickaerts

Final editing NTR
Diana Trump

production accountant
Karla of the Water


Special thanks to:

Anastasiia Bakum

Daria Manoilo

Dmitro Borodai

Evelina Chapska

Iryna Khutorianska

Ksenia Novikova

Marat Ragimov

Maria Shupilova

Oleksii Kniazkov

Valeria Matsehora

Vasilysa Nykyforova

Veronica Rakitina

Violetta Hurko

Vladyslav Detiuchenko

Vladyslava Palashovska


Thanks to:

The United Ukrainian Ballet, Shannah Lobatto, Stefan Stolk, Matthijs Bongertman, Johan Dorrestein, Marijke Evers, Florien Vos.


This production was made possible with financial support from CoBO, Fonds 21 and the Municipality of The Hague

© Interakt / NTR 2023



New Look Back

Ever heard of Joseph Bologne, the 'black Mozart'? Or Mary Seacole, the 'other Nightingale'? And who knows the progressive sculptor Edmonia Lewis or the Jewish-Surinamese painter Josef Nassy who made stunning works while imprisoned in Nazi Germany? From Sunday 26 February, the NTR will broadcast a brand new 6-part series about colorful figures in European history who caused a stir in their own time, but were soon forgotten: New look back. The series was created and presented by Orville Breeveld, who wants to save important historical persons from oblivion.

Curious about all episodes?

episode 1 : Joseph Bologne | Sunday, February 26 at 19:25 PM

ep2 : Edmonia Lewis | Sunday March 5 at 19:25 PM

episode 3 : Josef Nassy | Sunday, March 12 at 19:25 PM

ep 4 : Mary Seacole | Sunday, March 19 at 19:25 PM

episode 5 : Anton Amo | Sunday, March 26 at 19:25 PM

episode 6 : Angelo Soliman | Sunday, April 2 at 19:25 PM


All episodes can also be seen on NPO START via this link:  New Look Back



Based on an idea by Orville Breeveld

Xander de Boer

The manufacturer   
Mira Mendel
Rene Mendel

Final editing NTR          
Frans Jenkens
Karin van den Born

Executive producer 
Nikki Thie

Roelof Jan Minneboo

Research and editing  
Aisha Bosnia
Barbara Martin

Ulrike Mischke
Sonya Ten Boom
Milika the Younger

Stefano Bertacchini
Seretse Fulani
Bridget Hillenius
Maarten van Rossum

Anneloes Pabbruwee
Ivar Trentelman
Sander the Brother

Drawings and animation
Melina Ruyter
Vincent Schutel

Title design                                          
Gijs Kuiper

Drone operator
Ivar Trentelman

Suriname drone operator
Rafick Botse

Drone operator Italy
Julian Jicu

Drone operator Maastricht
Tim Schroeter

2e camera Surinam
Jamey Resosemito

Music/composition/production/vocals/various instruments                         
Orville Breeveld

Michelle Samba

Bahghi Yemane
Joanna Breeveld
Anne Suzanne

Music production/composition                                             
Desai Breeveld aka Ruskey

Music recording technique and accordion
Fieke van den Hurk

Music mixing                                                                           
Chris Weeda

Music mastering
Wim Bolt

Production NTR
Roland Fisher

Production Interactive
Hugo Naber
Jacqueline Castricum
Shadela Done

Production assistant
Remy Hogenboom

Production manager Need a Fixer
Galatia Kapralou

Producer Need a Fixer
Aliki Paraschis

Production manager Austria Need a Fixer
Victor Perdula

Production assistant Austria Need a Fixer
Jan Weinand

Production & research Italy
Interlinea Movies

Production manager Italy
Maurice Antonini

Production Italy
Julia Pugliese
Diletta Simotti

Accountant Italy
Alessandra Costantini

Production assistant Gaeta/ Italy
Paolo Ferrante

Production assistant Carrara / Italy
Maurizio Plini

Production assistant England
Louis Israel Quinn

Driver England
Marc Scott

Production assistant Paris/ France
Thomas Maggiar

Production and research Ghana
George Duncan

Production and research Suriname
Chantal Rijker

Post-production Fever film
Bart van de Broek
Jessica Akkermans
Majorie Browns
Jesse de Boer

Joel Sahuleka

Post production Posta
Naomi Polhaupessy

Sound mixing and sound design
Lars Blakeburg
Patrick Eggberts

VO voice Mary Seacole
Anita Franklin

Translation and subtitling        
Theo van Dyke
Corina White
Deborah Faraone Mennella

Production accountant        
Karla of the Water

Communication advisor NTR       
René Takken

Head of Knowledge NTR    
Roy Streetman

European Cultural Foundation     
Friso Wiersum

Netherlands Film Fund – pandemic regulation
George of Bremen

Pandemic damage expert Clap no risk
Roald Hoogenbos

Pandemic damage expert O&S 
Steven Hermes

Thanks to Marc Broere, Ayaan Abukar, Wijnand Honig, Dave Edhard, Lilly DuMW Dahlberg, Ms Ritfeld, Lygia Kletter and everyone involved in this series.


The production was made possible in part by the European Cultural Foundation


© Interakt / NTR 2023

Natasha Kensmil | You want it darker

Natasja Kensmil portrayed by Lisa Boersma in collaboration with AVROTROS

Nine Suitcases

Nine Suitcases is a film about the life history of the Polish-Dutch variety artist Jossy Halland and the story behind the last Yiddish theater in Western Europe, the Lilalo theatre. 

Devil's Pie – D'Angelo

Interakt is producing a documentary about R&B/Soul artist D'Angelo, directed by Carina Bijlsma.

One Drop

Luc Tuymans

A documentary about Luc Tuymans in collaboration with John Albert Jansen. In the documentary, the always suspicious Tuymans will come to life before our eyes.