Holland, from Texel to Tiengemeten

There is not a part of Holland that has not been created and changed by human hands. Whether it is the dike builders, the monks from Egmond or the farmers in the polders, the landscape in Holland has been continuously worked and changed by people. 

Is that bad or do all these interventions enrich the landscape? For the series Van Texel tot Tiengemeten, journalist Kees Slager and director Theo Uittenbogaard traveled through Holland for two months in the summer of 2003, looking for traces in the landscape. They try to read the landscape and come to the conclusion that it is a misunderstanding to think that North and South Holland are largely asphalted and urbanized provinces. Hotel owners, villagers, conservationists, farmers, local historians and archaeologists guarantee variety and adventure.

Presentation: Kees Slager
Directed by: Theo Uittenbogaard
Production: René Mendel