Fries, Pom Or Pasta

Fries, Pom or Pasta is a series of cooking shows in which different people from different cultures cook for each other. The series is presented by Oren Schrijver. Oren is an actor, singer and musician. 

What happens when a director of an international circus cooks for a Dutch family at a campsite? And what if the mother from the Dutch family starts cooking mussels for the international circus company? What's it like to cook in the Hilton hotel kitchen, while the chef cooks in a Turkish kitchen? Completely different people and cultures meet in the kitchen and at the table.

Season 1:
Presentation: Ears Writer
Directed by: Paul Kramer
Composition: Denise van Laar
Camera: Martin Tervoort
Sound: Jeroen van den Heuvel
Editing: Gerald van Leipsig
Production: Judith Paauw, Anne van der Pol
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt

Season 2:
Presentation: Ears Writer
Directed by: Frans Hoeben
Research/production: Marie Lou Schoenmakers
Camera: Alle van der Wal, Paul van den Bos, Bernd Wouthuysen
Sound: Jeroen van den Heuvel, Martijn van Haalen, Leon van Sprakelaar
Editing: Paul de Heer
Production: Anne van der Pol
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt
In collaboration with Teleac/NOT