BROADCAST episode 1 New Look Back – Sunday, February 26, 19:25 PM NPO 2

Ever heard of Joseph Bologne, the 'black Mozart'? Or Mary Seacole, the 'other Nightingale'? And who knows the progressive sculptor Edmonia Lewis or the Jewish-Surinamese painter Josef Nassy who made stunning works while imprisoned in Nazi Germany? From Sunday 26 February, the NTR will broadcast a brand new series about colorful figures in European history who caused a stir in their own time, but were soon forgotten: New look back. The series was created and presented by Orville Breeveld, who wants to save important historical persons from oblivion.


Curious about all episodes?

episode 1 : Joseph Bologne | Sunday, February 26 at 19:25 PM

ep2 : Edmonia Lewis | Sunday March 5 at 19:25 PM

episode 3 : Josef Nassy | Sunday, March 12 at 19:25 PM

ep 4 : Mary Seacole | Sunday, March 19 at 19:25 PM

episode 5 : Anton Amo | Sunday, March 26 at 19:25 PM

episode 6 : Angelo Soliman | Sunday, April 2 at 19:25 PM


All episodes can also be seen on NPO START via this link:  New Look Looking back

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