Willem van Malsen, devil artist

Willem van Malsen, devil artist is an intimate portrait of the artist through the eyes of a series of friends, including Mark Brusse, Jeroen Henneman, Bernhard Holtrop, Remco Campert, Kees van Kooten, Jan Mulder and Reeks van Keulen. 

Willem van Malsen started out in the 60s as a political illustrator for, among others, Vrij Nederland and the French anarchist magazine lEnragé. He started painting, made images, illustrated, photographed, wrote, filmed, tinkered and developed techniques such as the déchirure (scratches). Van Malsen occupies a unique position in Dutch art history and his oeuvre can be seen as one long experiment in form.

Direction and Camera: Jeroen Wolf
Composition and research: Deborah Wolf
Assembly: Elmer Leupen
Producer: Imagine Video in collaboration with René Mendel / Interakt