Trefossa. Mi A No Mi, I'm Not Me

A documentary in which the struggle for a Surinamese language, Sranantongo, is told based on the life story of the Surinamese poet Trefossa, pseudonym of Henny de Ziel.
The poetry of Henri (nickname Henny) de Ziel alias Trefossa caused nothing less than an earthquake in Suriname. His words still roll over the lips of thousands of Surinamese school children every day when they sing the Surinamese national anthem at school in the morning. And even in the Netherlands words can be heard on the street, such as bakra, switi, brasa, mi boy, duku, wagi. pata, smatje, fawaka, dyuka of which the question is whether they would be heard so often here without Trefossas involvement in Sranantongo.

In collaboration with TV West.

Directed by: Ida Does and Paul van den Bos
Research: Ida Does, Paul van den Bos, Biemla Gajadien
Camera: Paul van den Bos
Sound: Menno Euwe
Producer: René Mendel