Robert Zandvliet – The Perception

A documentary about the artist Robert Zandvliet by Frank Scheffer.

Following a 15-minute Dutch Master about Zandvliet, a great collaboration has developed between Scheffer and Zandvliet and we have chosen to make a long film about Zandvliet together with the AVRO.

We live in a period where art movements are no longer dominant. Artists have to create their own context and individually search for their own language. One of the Netherlands' greatest painters, Robert Zandvliet (1970), takes the questions related to the problem of this current situation very seriously. He does this by asking himself where he stands as an artist in relation to art history. Zandvliet is constantly looking for a context in which he can express himself in a meaningful way. Because, he argues, how can you change something if you don't know what wonderful art has been created for you for 30.000 years.