Surabaya, Surabaya

Against the background of the celebration of the 60th Day of the Heroes in Surabaya, Thera Hoogendijk discovers the history of the violent and revolutionary time in her native city. 

It was a traumatic time for thousands of Dutch and Indos. Hundreds of them did not survive. In the post-war Netherlands, the conflict has remained unknown – wrongly!

Indonesia has actually canonized the revolution and the Battle of Surabaya as patriotic highlights, but in a completely romanticized version, stripped of all crimes and violent derailments – also wrongly!

And how did the English get involved in our colonial war?
Direction and screenplay: Peter Hoogendijk
Camera: Paul Eenaar
Assembly: Harm Jan Snijder
Executive producer: Bernet Crucq
Producer: René Mendel
In collaboration with RTV Noord-Holland