Slinky Sledgehammer

Documentary by debutante Erna Slotboom (participant IDFA workshop 2005) about Moroccan boys who are constantly torn between attempts at good behavior and the bad path.
In SLINKE MOKER Erna Slotboom gives a unique insight into the world of a group of friends from the Diamantbuurt. Slinke Moker is about dreams for the future and loyalty, but also about the temptations of the street and wrong choices. Tyson, Mickael, Zoubair, Serdar and Bourak talk about their own lives and that of Annas, their friend who died exactly a year ago.

Directed by: Erna Slotboom
Camera: Bernd Wouthuysen
Sound: Martijn van Haalen
Editing: Gys Zevenbergen
Production: Anne van der Pol, Bernet Crucq
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt
In collaboration with RTV Noord-Holland