Sabar – Senegal's Heartbeat

A documentary by Arda Nederveen about the popular percussion and dance scene in Senegal, with extremely complex, rousing rhythms and explosive dance.

The percussionist Maguette Gueye – 31 years old – cannot help but play on his sabar (Senegalese drum), like a painter who cannot do without his brushes. It's his passion. He is no ordinary Senegalese, but a Wolof griot, destined to live as a sabar player. He is one of the many drummers who lead a poverty-stricken existence and have to survive in the ever-growing group of artists. Will his two sons follow in his footsteps? Through Maguette's daily life, the maker provides an intimate insight into how artistry is passed on from father to son. Although Maguette is in constant uncertainty, has a chronic lack of money and it is hard work, he does not choose another profession. He says: I am griot and I cannot help but be who I am: tuggkat (sabar percussionist).