Quail Court – the series

This 12-episode comedy shows how sign language is used in everyday life.
The format is a filmed report of the journey of a rather naive couple from the province to the big city. It's a kind of road movie. The couple is shown around and rescued from all sorts of dire situations by their handsome, funny 16-year-old niece, who was born deaf. She is noticeably smarter than her aunt and uncle and communicates in sign language.

Directed by: Casper Verbrugge
Producer: René Mendel

Janneke – Ilse Jobse
Joop – René van 't Hof
Juul – Leny Breederveld
Henk Spaagren – Stef van den Eijnden
Raymond de Kuyper
Gert Timmers
Marian Luif
Perwin Schol
Lucas Dykema
Paul R. Kooij
Franky Ribens
Peggy Jane de Schepper
Mike Stemerdinck
Luke Beumer
Ath Ceelen
Beppe Costa
Ali Shafiee
Jack Wouterse
Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Annemieke van Kampen
Mimoun Oaissa
Bob Fosko

Kwartelhof – sign language course

Simultaneously with the series, a sign language course was published, consisting of twelve XNUMX-minute programs.
On the basis of fragments from the comedy, the viewer learns the rudiments of sign language.