Central: Khata

The NTR, BNNVARA, VPRO, NPO Fund, Netherlands Film Fund and CoBO are committed to the development of film and television drama talent. For new makers they now organize Centraal, a new talent development trajectory that replaces the previous One Night Stand series.

In the six-part drama series Centraal, each episode is realized by a different team of directors, screenwriters and producers. They are independent stories, but they have one thing in common: they intersect at and around Rotterdam Central Station.

Interakt is producing one of the episodes in collaboration with director Aiman ​​Hassanic.

Khata is about Moroccan boy prostitution in the Netherlands. When a young Moroccan-Dutch teenager forced to prostitute himself falls in love with a male client, he tries to find a way out of his plight, but risks everything in doing so.