Jennifer Tee - Leaving Limbo

Jennifer Tee (1973) was commissioned in recent years to create a wall-sized artwork for the metro hall of the North-South line at Amsterdam Central Station. Tee was inspired by traditional 'shipcloths' from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Her artwork, which depicts two large ships carrying travelers, consists of more than 100.000 dried tulip petals.

Director Lisa Boerstra follows multidisciplinary visual artist Jennifer Tee in the completion of the artwork. In her work Tee is always looking for transitions, transitions between life and death, between the here and the hereafter. To intermediate areas between countries, cultures and influences. She calls this in-between area Limbo. In the film, this can be seen in her new artwork as well as in her performances.

With the work she returns to the source. To the places where her inspiration comes from. Inspired by the backgrounds of her Indonesian family and by her Dutch family in the tulip trade. The assignment is a challenge for Tee, who has been working autonomously until now, and will enable her to show her work to a really large audience. The film travels with Jennifer to Sumatra and closely follows her on a new path in her life and work. In Leaving limbo Jennifer Tee shows vision and connects and we see how art and reality intersect and influence each other.

Directed by: Lisa Boerstra
Producers: René Mendel and Mira Mendel / Interakt
Editor AVROTROS: Jessica Raspe
Editor-in-chief AVROTROS: Marijke Huijbregts
Camera: Wiro Felix, Jelle Odé
Sound: Tim van Peppen
Editing: Katarina Türler, Noud Holtman
Music: Evelien van den Broek