I don't want to see it but I have to

A film about the work of the Dutch painter, watercolorist, draftsman and graphic artist Co Westerik.
This film was made to open the eyes of the viewer: to show things that are hidden behind the surface of the paint, far beyond the canvas. A search for meaning, beauty and emotions. Jan Wouter van Reijen has recorded the work of Co Westerik from a strongly personal vision. In this film, Westerik's work is not viewed and explained from a distance, but we are, as it were, immersed in it. The filmmaker's experience of Co Westerik's work is transferred to us through associative images.
In addition to the 81-minute documentary, this DVD also contains all of Westerik's paintings.

Director/Camera: Jan Wouter van Reijen
Camera assistant: Sam Simons
Music: Paul Prenen
Editing: Farshad Aria
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt

In addition to the film, a book has also been published containing many works by Westerik, which have inspired poets Rutger Kopland, Willem van Toorn, Leendert Witvliet, Nicolaas Matsier and Hans Tentije to write a number of beautiful poems.