I love my muslim

A documentary about the Amsterdam Muslim Carla in collaboration with Marjolein Busstra

By means of a layered story, this fillm shows on the one hand the daily life of a remarkable couple in Amsterdam; the Dutch, Muslim convert, Carla and her Libyan husband Fouad, thirty years younger. On the other hand, their relationship provides a personal and therefore accessible framework to the political unrest between the Middle East and the West, which is the response to this within Dutch society. Through this personal love story, the social unrest surrounding Islamization in the Netherlands can be visualized and topics that are usually ignored are made open for discussion. Carla and her husband Fouad are the perfect people to provide insight into this because they both live from a different frame of reference in both the Arab and Western world and are constantly confronted with it.

Director and camera: Marjolein Busstra
Sound and editing: Rebekka van Hartskamp
Music: Benjamin Fro
Sound editing: Lennart Kleinen and Alan van Ramhorst; KlevR
Color correction: Marco van Bergen; cinemameta
Production: Nikki Thie
Producer: René Mendel and Mira Mendel