The Hunt Of Abdelkader Benali

A documentary about writer Abdelkader Benali, for whom writing and running are inextricably linked.
The film is about Abdelkader Benalis' writing and his passion for running. Why does a writer run, what does a runner write about? Who is the man behind all the essays, columns, poems, plays, short stories, novellas and novels? In the documentary we follow him in the Netherlands and on a journey in his native Morocco and the Middle East.

Directed by: Ronald Bos
Assembly: Elmer Leupen
Camera: Stef Tijdink, Eduard van Dort
Sound: Menno Euwe, Hens van Rooij, Mark Wesner, Erik Langhout
Production: Lea Fels
Executive producer: Meike Koster
Final editing: TV Rijnmond Cees van der Wel
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt
This film was made possible with financial support from the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund Stimulation Fund and the Lira Fund Foundation.