Dario Fo: Growers in the Arts

A documentary about opera company Dario Fo. 

In the straight landscape of Westland, close to The Hague, there are kilometres-long greenhouses. Surprisingly enough, the same Westland is also a good breeding ground for community art. From the village of Poeldijk, Dario Fo, entrepreneurs in the arts, has been initiating and producing high-profile operas and music theater productions for years. They call themselves entrepreneurs in the arts. Volunteers sew the clothes, greenhouse builders make sets, countless family members sing, dance or figure in the performances. Dario Fo looks for ways to innovate, to develop new products and to strengthen social cohesion in municipalities and neighbourhoods. The documentary Dario Fo: Growers in the arts is about this quest.

Directed by: Paul Kramer
Production: Interakt