Boxing at South

A four-part documentary series about life in South Rotterdam by Roy Dames, Wouter Scheepstra, Interakt and the NTR

Boksen op Zuid is a four-part documentary series by Roy Dames and Wouter Scheepstra about the (im)possibilities of changing the living climate in South Rotterdam. In terms of size, Rotterdam South is the largest deprived area in the Netherlands, everyone agrees on that. In South, as the inhabitants of Rotterdam say, a large proportion of the homes are too small, a quarter of the households have benefits and one in four young people leaves school without a diploma. The Rotterdam South National Program led by Marco Pastors should provide a solution. The government, the municipality of Rotterdam, housing associations, the business community and education are working together in this unique plan. The goal: to bring South to the same level as other major cities in the Netherlands and the rest of Rotterdam in twenty years.

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