If it can, then it should

Completely shot on skates and recorded over a period of twelve years, this documentary by Leendert Pot provides a wonderful picture of the Netherlands in winter and allows the viewer to experience what the skating virus causes. The Netherlands is a water country. We suffer from water all day long, rain from above, water from below, swampiness, muddyness, slush. Our whole life is one big battle against the mud and the wet. And suddenly everything has become hard, and you can triumphantly stand on that hard water, and you are a kind of conqueror of the endless wetness…

Director / camera / editing: Leendert Pot
Sound design: Michel Schöpping
Assembly advice: Jan Ketelaars
Image editing: Peter Brugman
Final editing NCRV: Jelle Peter de Ruiter
Producer: René Mendel